Thursday, June 30, 2011

Drinking Enough Water?

            Water, as many of us know is essential for survival, but exactly how much water should we be drinking? Doctors recommend 8-9 cup of water a day that is about half a gallon of water. However, if you’re performing strenuous physical activities 1 gallon of water is recommended ( that is eight 16oz water bottles , in case you didn’t want to lug around a gallon of water like I do )
            Water is a very important component in your health and can be very beneficial for weight loss. It is critical to drink water when strength training. You lose a lot of water that needs to be replaced to prevent dehydration and increase muscle recovery. 
 Some Benefits of drinking water: 
  • clearer skin
  • prevents bloating by washing out the sodium the holds onto water 
  • helps with dry skin and brittle hair by hydrating
  • flushes out toxins
  • controls appetite          
           Drinking the proper amount of water also helps control hunger. If you drink about 16oz. (one water bottle) of water with each meal you are less likely to overeat, because you become fuller quicker. Tip: The body can give you signals of it being hungry, when it is actually thirsty. So before you reach for the food drink some water and see if that satisfies you. J
            ***It is possible to drink too much water; this can lead to water intoxification, where your body dilutes its necessary nutrients. Too much water in a short period of time can cause an electrolyte imbalance, which leads to your body lacking sufficient sodium ion concentrations.
            I know water may be a bit bland to some people, I had the similar problem, and in fact I never really drank water until about 3 years ago. There are many ways to make drinking water easier:
  •   Adding Crystal Light. They have a vast variety of flavors with very low or no calories at all
  • Adding lemon, cucumber, watermelon, strawberries to your water
  • Drinking more tea
  • Making your own frozen lemonade
A Gallon a day keeps the hunger away ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Protein Pancakes (This is great for the person on the go. I usually cook these the night before, wrap it in some aluminum foil and have a healthy breakfast to go in the morning. You can also have it as a healthy snack)
·         1/3 cup of regular oats
·         4 egg whites
·         Cinnamon to taste
·         ¼ cup of berries
·         Mix all ingredients and cook just like you would a regular pancake.
·         Add some spray butter and sugar free syrup to the end product and enjoy!
Quick Berry Smoothie (Another simple and quick recipe for the person on the go. Pack it in a sports bottle and have a great start to your busy day!)
·         1/3 cup of dry oats
·         ¼ cup of berries
·         ½ banana (optional)
·         1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
·         Ice
·         Mix all ingredients into a blender, blend and enjoy!
Protein oatmeal (Very quick and simple, but very fulfilling)
·         1/3cup oats cooked with water
·         1 scoop of your favorite protein
·         Mix ingredients and enjoy! Feel free to add fruits, and spices such as cinnamon or pumpkin spice
Egg white, Veggie omelet and Oatmeal
·         4 eggs whites, cooked with a cup of veggies. Feel free to add any of your favorite veggies. I usually add onions and peppers with collard greens, or spinach.  If you’d like sprinkle a bit of fat free cheese. Sometimes I add a small amount of avocado or use 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites rather than 4 whole egg whites to incorporate a healthy fat unit. 
·         1/3 cup of regular oats (also equivalent to 1 packet of oats if you decide to buy it in package form, personally I find the larger jar of oats to be a better bargain) cooked with water.
·          I add ¼ cup of berries and some cinnamon to add a little flavor to my oatmeal. Feel free to experiment with different fruits. Apple and cinnamon is also a delicious combination.  As well as adding a bit of pumpkin spice to your oatmeal.
Almond Pancakes
·         2 Scoops of almond meal
·         2 scoops of protein powder, I prefer vanilla but feel free to try your favorite flavor
·         2 whole eggs
·         2 egg whites
·         ½ cup of water
·         ½ cup of organic coconut milk
·         Mix all ingredients and cook just like you would a regular pancake.
·         Add some spray butter and sugar free syrup to the end product and enjoy!
Protein Pancakes 2
·         1 scoop of your favorite protein powder ( I usually use chocolate for this one)
·         1/3c cup of regular oats
·         4 egg whites
·         Cinnamon to taste
·         Mix all ingredients and cook just like you would a regular pancake.
·         Add some spray butter and sugar free syrup to the end product and enjoy!

 Hope you Enjoy! I'll keep you posted on many more tasty recipes !

Breakfast For Champions

Eat Breakfast, Start up your metabolism and Lose Weight!

            Many people believe that skipping breakfast will lead to weight loss by reducing your fat and calorie intake, but the truth is while you sleep your metabolism slows down and by eating breakfast you are starting it back up. 
Now, you may ask “exactly what does my metabolism have to do with breakfast or losing weight?”
  When you skip breakfast or any meal, your body goes into what I like to call “starvation mode”, your body compensates the hunger by slowing down the metabolism and conserving the calories that you have in your body, so your body can keep itself alive. 

Not providing your body with enough nutrients and “starving” yourself leads to your body burning first your protein, then carbohydrates, your fats and finally your muscle, which could potentially lead to eating disorders such as anorexia.
 When your metabolism is “working” (digesting foods, converting what you eat and drink into energy) you are actually LOSING calories!
  A healthy fulfilling breakfast consisting, of good fats (YES there are GOOD fats), simple carbohydrates and protein all of which can eliminate unhealthy choices throughout the day.  By eating a fulfilling, satisfying breakfast you are less likely to be hungry during the day and will eat smaller portions, reducing the chances of eating too many calories later in the evening. Also, by eating your carbohydrates earlier in the day you give your body a chance to burn them off as a product of energy.
I understand that with work, kids, school and other responsibilities it may be difficult to actually cook breakfast, or maybe, you don’t know any healthy recipes. Breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult just follow these tips and you’ll be golden. (Remember to avoid the use of too much sodium, sugar and complex carbohydrates)
·         Plan! Decide what you want to eat the day/night before and if you are going to be eating on the go, you may want to cook your meal the night before and save in a plastic container.
·         Choose foods high in fiber. Foods such as oatmeal, whole grain breads and cereals high in fiber. Fiber will keep you fuller throughout the day, decreasing your cravings.
·          Add a fruit, such as an apple, peach or pear etc.
·         Choose a low fat, low cal yogurt. I prefer Greek Yogurt; it is a great source of nutrition and high in protein.
·         Add veggies in your morning omelet.
·         Drink water !!! You should drink about 32oz. of water with each meal.  That is about to water bottles. Water is not only great for your body but will also keep you fuller longer.
When it comes to breakfast something, ANYTHING is better than nothing.
 eat breakfast, start up that metabolism and burn calories!
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