Friday, July 1, 2011

Eating the Right Fruits?

                I received the following question and picture earlier this week.
                @pfungfitness is it ok to eat all fruits in the am? Am I missing nutrients?
                Although fruits are very beneficial as well as full of nutrients, beware of eating too many. Fruits are full of natural sugars; these natural sugars are carbohydrates (carbs).  Carbohydrates prevent your body from feeding on its own muscle and are converted into glucose, which give you energy. However, a copious amount of carbohydrates and not enough energy expenditure cause your body to convert the extra carbs into fat. 
                Due to the significant amount of carbs in some fruit it’s best to choose fruits with low glycemic indexes. The glycemic index or GI is the measure of how fast or slow the body can breakdown carbohydrates. (Foods that have high glycemic indexes raise the blood sugar, more rapid than foods with low glycemic indexes.) Foods with low glycemic indexes aid in weight loss by preventing “spikes” in the blood sugar.
*** A rise in blood sugar causes the brain to signal to the body to conserve the carbohydrates into fat because it is not capable of digesting and converting all the carbs into glucose.
                It is best to consume your fruits before 3pm., as a matter of fact; most of your carbs should be consumed prior to 3pm. This allows the body enough time to “use up” the carbs as energy.  I add fruits to my breakfast for example: 1/4cup of berries into my morning protein shake, or 1/4cup of berries into my morning oatmeal.
 It is also important t to consume carbs after a workout, because you have now depleted the muscle of their nutrients, the carbs will allow them to be replenished and increase recovery. I usually have an apple after my workouts with a protein shake.
Answer to fruits is simple: High GI=increase in blood sugar=body conserving fat.
If you would like to prevent fat conservation choose a food with a low GI and to help you with that, I found this website to be quite useful. For the specific glycemic indexes of your frutis and veggies visit :
                Send your questions and I'll get you answers !

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