Friday, November 21, 2014

Time off

I'm going on a weekend trip .  Random thing to post , but time off is a big contributor to well being. 
There are many benefits to taking time off and yet still  41% of Americans do not plan on using their vacation time.
"The impact that taking a vacation has on one's mental health is profound. Most people have better life perspective and are more motivated to achieve their goals after a vacation, even if it is a 24-hour time-out." Francine Lederer, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles who specializes in stress and relationship management.
As stated above time off is not only beneficial to your well being but potentially to your employers who will receive a more motivated and alert employee.
You are taking care of yourself physically, eating well exercising , but how are you caring for your mental health ? Have you taken time to reevaluate , take a step back and look around at your world ? Motivate yourself , set new goals , go back to that book you started reading a few months ago . It doesn't have to be anything crazy , as stated above just a 24hour allotted me time is beneficial.
I work 3rd shift full time and go to school and work a 2nd shift job part time. I barely get any sleep which is terrible partially due to my schedule, another due to my location mostly due to the fact that when I have too much time off I get bored and feel like I have to do 100 things in that day.
As difficult as it is for a busy body to admit it to themselves sometimes we need to relax, most importantly our bodies need it . I don't vacaction often my first vacation was earlier this year and now I'm only taking this weekend off because I was told I had 2 days that I would  have to "use or lose", I've honestly contemplated on even going , how can I spend 2.5 days of just not having to run errands , go to the gym , do hw go to work , figure out 20 other things for myself to do?
But I remembered to go back to one of my passions which is art , and I'm going with a radio , open heart , mind full of ideas , a couple of books to read and my sketch book. Oh I also plan on sleeping a whole lot  :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tracking Progress

What I do you to track progress:
Measuring tape:
I measure my biceps, quads , waist and hip. Currently my goal is to get defined arms , maintain my waist measurement and get bigger glutes and legs. I track my progress by measuring around those areas. You can find out that you lost an inch on your waist and hips but didn't lose weight. That' why I think this is important, because there are certain differences you can't see on the scale.

Progress Pictures:
I take a ton of pictures. I make sure they are in the same place and same pose. You may not notice the difference as you are taking them but when you look back you can compare and see results. These are some of the ones I have taken.
 Glutes : Left to Right : Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
 Biceps: Up and down: Aug and Oct.

Why I don't follow the scale:
I am about 5'0 my weight ranges from 117-122. This depends on how much water I am carrying. Many people my height usually weigh about 10lbs lighter and in many online weight vs. height charts I am a "large frame". I also get a very surprised look from most people when I tell them I weigh 120lbs , they usually think I weigh less , I just tell them I am dense lol. For this reason I really don't worry about what the scale says. I know what I healthy body weight is for me and the goals I am trying to achieve so as long as I am about that range I am happy.  I also lift really heavy and have an athletic frame , therefore carrying more muscle. So don't be sad when you get on the scale :)

** muscle doesn't weigh more than fat 5lbs of muscle = 5lbs of fat but the volume is completely different.

Want to get your own results? Sign up for an online training program and customized nutrition plans through the tabs on the right. Let me help you achieve your fitness goals ;)


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Decode your Craving

We all have cravings. Some for chocolate, other sugary foods, bread and pasta , oily foods and others for salty foods.

Unfortunately the word "craving" has become a bad scary word/ feeling. The feeling that we may eat something bad, ruin our diets or nutritional lifestyle, or the feeling that we may binge when we do eat what we craved.

The worst part is to deprive yourself of foods you're craving because of the possibility of uncontrollably binging when you finally do. Also when you are craving your body is telling you it needs something. It may need sugar just not in the form of a donut but you can find natural sugars in fruits.

I found a list of foods with your craving, describing what your body is TELLING  you it needs and what you should it instead. (Find Below)

Listen to your body and don't be afraid of your craving.

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