About Me

Healthy Living Editor - @_msfung
Certified Personal Trainer
Owner of PFung Fitness
Providence, Rhode Island
Pam Fung, from the "small city with big dreams," Central Falls, Rhode Island, lives her day-to-day life balancing portions and priorities. As a certified personal trainer and fitness competitor she finishes up her science studies at Rhode Island College, and illustrates the true meaning of a "healthy lifestyle". Pam presents recipes and work-out advice, but also encourages balancing your physical needs with your individual and emotional desires.

By eating healthy, exercising regularly,  mastering sculpture painting, educating her soul and buying random gifts for her niece, Pam encourages us all to pay attention to our bodies, but also to the smiles on our faces.
See what Pam is up to on PFungFitness.org

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